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The greatest thing about this server is that everyone is nice and helpful to each other. In a usual survival server, everyone is constantly in competition. They will fight each other, steal from each other, and inhibit each other from being successful.

On ModCraft, you can expect to be welcomed into the community. The majority of our players will welcome you into their home in an instant. They might give you wood, stone tools, and a bed purely out of kindness. We are “One of the nicest servers out there.”

And also, ModCraft is GRIEF PROOF. That’s right, no griefers, no hastle, no pain, just fun. You may be thinking “yeah right, many servers have tried and failed”, and you’re right. Throughout all of server history, servers have had great difficulty finding the perfect balance of protection. If you have too little protection, griefers ruin everything. If you have too much, it can get in the way of the players and ruin their experience. ModCraft has found the perfect balance, no griefing, and no hastle. The way this works, is you cannot build in the normal world unless you first make a protection area (using a bone). This makes the world look soooo amazing! Instead of random unfinished builds, or just messy block placing all over, you find nice little houses neatly placed all over the wolrd. I know what you’re thinking though, “That sucks! I don’t want to set up an area every time I want to build!”, but we have solution to that! Setting up a protection area before you can build would make it extremely hard to gather resources! How would you mine or harvest trees? Our solution is The Reach, which is a second world designed for nothing but gathering resources. You can access The Reach by going through a nether portal, or typing /warp reach. The Reach is an unprotected minecraft world designed for mining, harvesting, and exploding! Since it’s designed for resource gathering, TNT mining works in The Reach. The Reach is also regenerated frequently to clean up all the messes. Basically, we restart The Reach with a fresh seed. This means fresh resources, and the mess you made from gathering your resources is all gone(Just remember not to build in the Reach, though, as that’s what the main world is for)! That’s our solution - a protected world made just for building your homes, and an unprotected world for gathering resources. All of our players love it, and it’s is 100% grief proof! Enjoy!

This server has limited itself to a few carefully chosen plugins, which do nothing but improve the Minecraft experience without taking away what we all love about Minecraft. We have an incredible array of griefer handling plugins, which leaves a few plugins which solely benefit your experience. Here’s what they are, and how to use them:

Various Commands:

-set your home | type /sethome <homename>

-go to your home | type /home <homename>

-teleport to friends | type /tp [player]

-toggle whether other players need permission to teleport to you or not | type /tpt 

-keep your stuff when you die | saves your exp orbs and your inventory (this happens automatically)

-allow friends to press buttons in your protected area | type /accesstrust [player] or simply /at [player]

-allow friends to use chests, crafting tables, furnaces, etc. in your protect area | type /containertrust [player] or simple /ct [player]

-allow friends to edit your protected area completely | type /trust [player]

-take away all permissions given to a friend in a claim| type /untrust [player]

-protect your home from ALL users, starting fresh | type /untrust all

We also have special surprises for those great users out there…

If you donate, other commands will become available, which are detailed on the right.





Now, here is some more information about the protection plugin:

You may have noticed that you can’t build unless you create a protection area. To create an area on your own, right click the ground with a bone, and then right click somewhere else. Your claim will be created as a rectangle with two of its opposite corners as the places you clicked. You will be able to see the border of the area, shown with glowstone and gold blocks. To stop seeing the border of your claim, right click some place outside of the area with a stick. A stick allows you to see if a block is protected or not, and if the block is protected, it will show the border. To change the borders of your protected area take your bone and right click one of the corners of the protected area, then right click somewhere else to change to location of that corner. For each hour you play, you receive 100 more Claim Blocks. For each claim block, you can protect more land. 100 claim blocks, for example, would protect a 10 x 10 area of land. If you are interested in using this protection system to create a city, please look below:


Creating cities:

If you have accumulated an extremely large amount of claim blocks, you can claim an area the size of a city. Once you have built yourself a city, and the whole area is protected by you, you can create lots withing the city that you can rent out to people. To do this, take your bone, and type /subdivideclaims.

This allows you to start subdividing your claimed area. Take the bone and right click the ground once at one corner of the lot you want to make, and again at the other corner(Just like with a normal claim, but this time inside your large claim). This creates a new area within the city that is outlined with iron blocks and white wool. This is now a little protected area, within the HUGE protected area. You can then rent out just this section to some villager/citizen, by typing /trust [player] from within the new subdivided area.

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